Katy Perry performs with the Rolling Stones in Las Vegas

katy-perry-mick-jagger.jpgYou can't always get what you want, but ... sometimes you can.

Saturday night (May 11) in Las Vegas, Katy Perry got to live out the fantasy of a lot of rock 'n roll fans -- she performed on stage with the Rolling Stones. Perry tweeted the photos above and below, writing:

  • "Yes, I just did gyrated on Mick Jagger. WHAT?! #Stones50"
  • "Mick & Kate forever!"
  • "Thanks for letting me be the 5th wheel last night!"

Hilariously, after Perry's first tweet, her mother responded about the bad grammar, to which Katy writes, "I noticed that. I guess I was too excited. Sorry mom. RT @izzyduval: @katyperry the grammar in that tweet is appalling Katy."

Heh. Moms are the best.

Video of Katy and the Stones performing "Beast of Burden" below.

Photo/Video credit: Twitter