Katy Perry takes the cleavage down a notch; Tony Parker files for divorce

divas_katy.jpgWhen she saw herself on the poster for the upcoming VH1 special "Divas Support the Troops," Katy Perry asked for some changes to be made. Surprisingly enough, the pop star - who was famously cut from "Sesame Street" for showing Elmo too much cleavage - asked the network to tone down the image. "I was the one who asked VH1 to tone down my DIGITALIZED image on the poster, particularly the size of my chest...& I don't have handlers... but someone @VH1 offices is a gossipmonger & thought they could use a little extra press planting the story," Perry tweeted when the story leaked.

After Eva Longoria filed for divorce in Los Angeles, her soon-to-be-ex Tony Parker filed his own papers in Texas. His petition blames "discord or conflict of personalities" for the split. (Yeah - sounds like there was one too many "personalities" in the marriage.) Longoria and Parker did sign a pre-nup, and Parker's papers assert, "Petitioner believes Petitioner and Respondent will enter into an agreement for the division of their estate" Here's hoping it's quick and as painless as possible. [ TMZ]

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are having a grand old time sunning themselves in Brazil... in character. Photogs snapped pictures of the pair filming for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" in a waterfall. K-Stew was wearing a cute white bikini, and Pattinson had on red swim trunks, but strangely, he wasn't rocking any body glitter. Guess that gets added later on? [ People]

Photo/Video credit: VH1