Katy Perry's cleavage controversy: Weigh in on the cookie monsters!

katy-perry-cotton-candy-dress-gi.jpgKaty Perry just got banned from one of the most famous neighborhoods in America. The singer who once kissed a girl and liked it (GASP!), filmed a super cute rendition of "Hot and Cold" with Elmo. The video was set to air on the 41st season of  'Sesame Street' when the Snuffaluffagus hit the fan.

After the video hit YouTube a lot of people got their mom jeans in a bunch, and chimed in that her breasts cookie monsters were inappropriately hanging out all over the Street the kiddies call Sesame. The producers of the show then pulled the segment deeming it too racy, even though the "California Gurl's" chest was covered in a see-through fabric.