'Keeping Up With the Kardashians': Kris Jenner loves Kanye West, Bruce Jenner may have a divorce lawyer

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kanye-west-kris-jenner-nov-2012-gi.jpg Kris Jenner got to play the doting grandmother last week to the newest member of the family, North West. The Kardashian matriarch looked after the 3-month-old while Nori's parents attended Fashion Week in Paris.

Jenner had nothing for praise for Nori's father, Kanye West, during an appearance on E!'s "Hello Ross!"

"I love him so much," Jenner says. "He's such an amazing boyfriend to Kim and a great dad and a wonderful person ... He's creative and he's an amazing, amazing human being, he really is."

It's good Jenner has something happy in her life. Because if her her younger sister, Karen Houghton, is to be believed, she is currently separated from her husband Bruce Jenner. Houghton also claims that Bruce has "sought a lawyer" about possibly making the separation into something more permanent.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images