'Kell On Earth': Top five quotes about Kelly Cutrone this week

kelly-cutrone-kell-on-earth-bravo.jpgBeing the huge Kelly Cutrone fans that we are, we read a whole lot of articles about the star of Bravo's " Kell On Earth" and MTV's "The City."

Some of the stuff written about her is almost as good as Kelly's own "Kelly-isms."

Yeah, some are just mean. Some praise her. Some are just stating the facts. And some are just too funny not share with the world.

Here are our top five fave quotes about Kelly Cutrone from the past week:

5.) "Hard edged fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone might not seem like the ultimate source of inspiration, considering she spends the majority of her TV time yelling at her employees and snapping at runway show seat stealers."
- Beliefnet seemed surprised that Kelly Cutrone's girl-power book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, was actually inspirational.

4.) "Kelly Cutrone saves the world with her vibrator."

- Gawker's short and sweet description of the segment in last week's episode when Cutrone purchases a vibrator for her Doctor's lonely receptionist.