Kellan Lutz shirtless and sexy for Dylan George ad campaign

kellan-lutz-dylan-george-2.jpg Kellan Lutz is baring a lot for the new Dylan George campaign for the Abbot + Main line. The "Twilight" star poses alongside supermodel Anna V for some very salacious photographs. What are they selling? Jeans, but seriously - does it matter?

Lutz also had a hand in helping design the newest George line, which launches in the fall. And just how did he get into such amazing shape? He credits his regiment for the new "Immortals" movie he filmed this year where he plays Greek god Poseidon. Apparently the directordidn't just want six-pack abs, he wanted eight-pack abs.

"We ... had trainers and nutritionists. I felt pampered. I want to do a movie like that every time because you're eating right," Lutz tells Access Hollywood. "Lot of protein. We had workout regimes and [we're] just constantly eating. We always had someone bringing us chicken, tuna, steak sometimes, but every hour it seemed like."

It obviously paid off.

kellan-lutz-dylan-george-1.jpg kellan-lutz-dylan-george-4.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Dylan George