Kelly Cutrone's new daytime gig: She's 'selling brains' and Dr. Phil is buying

PR expert and reality star, Kelly Cutrone, has been teasing a daytime gig for weeks now. While we were the first to report that the news that she was joining CBS' "The Talk" was false, she delivered a double whammy today (Nov. 4) as she appeared on syndicated talk show, "Dr. Phil," and announced she has joined his team.

"News flash!!!" she tweeted. "I have been signed to 'Dr. Phil' as a correspondent. CBS daytime is loving the black. Shout out to Dr. Phil. More to come."

Pretty genius of her to hold the announcement for the same day her appearance was aired. But, we wouldn't expect any less of her. So, like many people we know, we tuned into the show to see how Kelly fared.