Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber go on graffiti spree

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Kelly Osbourne and Justin Bieber, graffiti artists?

That seems to be the case after Osbourne posted a couple of Instagram photos showing the pair tagging a wall in a night of graffiti fun.

In the first post, Osbourne pointed out that, while she was enjoying the night, her artistic skills were not quite up to the standards of a Banksy -- or even a Bieber, for that matter.

"Just had so much fun getting lessons from @justinbieber on how to #SprayPaint! Needless to say I was s*** all I did was the horns! Justin is a lovely boy and have turned me into a true #Belieber tonight!"

kelly-osbourne-justin-bieber-graffiti-instagram.jpgAn hour later, Osbourne reiterated her feelings on the graffiti and the young man:

"Most #Random but fun night with @justinbieber!"

kelly-osbourne-justin-bieber-graffiti-instagram-2.jpgIs this how Osbourne gets over a breakup? Mere hours after the "Fashion Police" host announced the end of her engagement to chef Matthew Mosshart, the spray-paint/Bieber photos appeared. There was no indication of where the two celebrities carried out their pretty vandalism.

Photo/Video credit: Kelly Osbourne via Instagram