Kelsey Grammer's girlfriend Kayte Walsh is pregnant, father confirms

kelsey-grammer-headshot2.jpgSo the cliches are true.

Kelsey Grammer is about to -- how shall we put this respectfully -- re-family.

Not yet divorced from his wife Camille Donatacci, with whom he has two young children -- a daughter, 8, and a son, 5, Grammer has a new young girlfriend, a British flight attendant who is -- are you ready --  already pregnant.

Shouldn't there be a law that says you can't start another family until you've finished the previous one? Just saying.

Kayte Walsh, the 29-year-old British flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic Airways, has been seeing the "Frasier" actor, 55, for a while. And her father Alan Walsh, who at 53, is two years younger than Kelsey,  confirmed to the Daily Mail that the happy couple is indeed expecting a child.