Kendall Jenner gets $1.8 million porn offer on 18th birthday

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With Kendall Jenner turning 18 years old Sunday (November 3), it didn't take long for the porn offers to start rolling in. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was celebrating her special day, while several pornography companies were hoping she would agree to have sex on camera.

According to TMZ, at least six companies made offers, with the biggest ringing up at $1.8 million, with Kendall picking her own partner for the video. Another company, Digital Playground, just wants Kendall in a girl-girl scene with porn star Jesse Jane.

Of course, since Kendall is attempting to make it in the modeling world, there's not much likelihood that she'll take any of the offers. There's also half-sister Kim Kardashian's sex tape past to steer her away from it. Instead, she celebrated her birthday with friends, family and cake.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images