Kendall Jenner photobombs Kim Kardashian's backside selfie

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Kendall Jenner won't let Blac Chyna have all of the selfie fun. Once Kim Kardashian posted a selfie of her and Blac Chyna's behinds (for scientific comparison purposes only, obviously) it was a matter of time before it became a horrible trend that will surely upset the universe.

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star Kim took another one -- assumedly because she likes showing off her favorite asset -- but this time Kendall got in on the action. 

Kardashian may not have been happy with the photo though, because it didn't end up on her Instagram account; it wound up on Jenner's instead. "Barging in on Kim's booty selfie," Jenner  writes.

At least Jenner is fully clothed, which is quite a change from the photo she posted on Instagram just after her 18th birthday, showing her bare breasts. She does seem to be giving Kim a run for her money in the rear end department, though.
Photo/Video credit: Instagram