Kendall Jenner turns 18: 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star's sexiest model photos

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Kendall Jenner is finally a legal adult! 

The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star turns 18 today (Nov. 3), and it's impressive to think how much she's accomplished before that milestone. Between her presence on her family's E! show to her professional modeling career, Jenner has made her stamp on the world.

In honor of her big day, Zap2it has compiled 18 of the sexiest photo shoots Jenner has taken part in. From magazine spreads to covers to promotional photos, Jenner definitely makes it clear why she's done so well in the world of modeling.

kendall-jenner-birthday-18-2.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-3.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-4.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-5.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-6.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-7.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-8.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-9.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-10.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-11.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-12.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-13.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-14.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-15.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-16.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-17.jpg kendall-jenner-birthday-18-18.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Kendall Jenner