Kendall Jenner's topless mermaid pic and Nomad modeling shots are latest buzzy Instagram photos

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kendall-jenner-topless-mermaid-picture.jpg "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kendall Jenner has been busy with her modeling career lately, posting several pictures of her work to her Instagram account. Above is a shot of her as a topless mermaid -- is it a little risque for a girl that young? (Kendall turns 18 on Nov. 3).

Below, Kendall has put up two of her Nomad shots. They were taken by photographer Russell James, who calls himself "Head Nomad" on his Instagram account.

The Nomad Two Worlds site describes the company as "Meaningful Luxury": 

We partner with indigenous and marginalized artists and communities around the world to bring you culturally inspired products and art. We strive for fairness, mutual respect, authenticity and long term economic outcomes for our partners as we combine ancient knowledge with the best of modern technology and design in the spirit of collaboration and sustainability.

What do you think of Jenner's photographs?

Photo/Video credit: Instagram