Kevin Spacey on 'Wiseguy': Would you give this man an Emmy?

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As we count down to the 2014 Emmy Awards, Zap2it is taking a closer look at each of the lead acting nominees for comedy and drama -- and judging them not by their best work, but by some of the more dubious credits on their IMDB pages. So we ask you: Based on what you're about to see, would you give this person an Emmy?

Before he was winning Oscars and Tonys and getting nominated for Emmy Awards for "House of Cards," Kevin Spacey was appearing as Mel Profitt on "Wiseguy," a CBS crime drama that actually ran for four seasons. Fun fact: It also starred "Breaking Bad" actor Jonathan Banks.

After watching the above supercut of Spacey's seven episodes on the show, we might have to get our hands on "Wiseguy" on DVD.

But tell us, does Spacey deserve an Emmy for "Wiseguy"?

Photo/Video credit: CBS