'The Hannah Anderson Story' is a real kidnapping case: Remember these facts

scott-patterson-jessica-amlee-kidnapped-hannah-anderson-story-lifetime.jpg The kidnapping of Hannah Anderson took the media and public by storm during the summer of 2013. 16-year-old Anderson was kidnapped by a family friend, James DiMaggio, who also was responsible for the murder of her mother and younger brother. It was a whirlwind of drama.

On Saturday (May 23), Lifetime is premiering "Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story," which is mostly based on the 25-minute "Today" show interview that Anderson gave following her return to her father. The film explores her kidnap, the week she was kept as a prisoner and the questions that were asked about the true nature of Anderson's relationship with DiMaggio.

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Just in time for Lifetime's movie -- which stars Scott Patterson as DiMaggio and Jessica Amlee as Anderson -- here's a breakdown of all of the key facts you might have forgotten about the case.

The kidnapping

Anderson was taken by DiMaggio after her cheerleading practice on Aug. 4, 2013. DiMaggio was always set to pick her up, but he never took her back to her family.

The murders

According to medical exams, DiMaggio tortured and killed Anderson's mother and brother, Christina and Ethan Anderson. Christina was bludgeoned in the head, bound and gagged. Following the murders, DiMaggio set his cabin on fire. Once one body was identified as Christina's, an AMBER alert was sent out for both Hannah and Ethan. 

The missing week

According to Anderson's "Today" show interview, she was restrained, threatened and drugged by DiMaggio. After making their way from California to Idaho, they set up camp in the wilderness.

The rescue

The search lasted a week and spanned six states. Thanks to an alert from a group of horseback riders in Idaho, authorities were able to eventually find DiMaggio and Anderson in the woods. Upon finding the pair, DiMaggio was shot and killed by FBI agents. Following her rescue, Anderson was informed of her mother and brother's deaths. She claims she did not know they were killed prior to that moment.

The discrepancies and questions

People began to question Anderson when it was revealed that she and DiMaggio had a close relationship. They exchanged phone calls and letters with each other and once went on a trip to Hollywood together. Some started to wonder whether or not she was somehow involved in the death of her family members and the entire kidnapping.

The 'Today' show interview

Following claims that Anderson was not telling the truth about her relationship with DiMaggio, the teenager accepted an interview with the "Today" show. In the 25 minutes she attempted to explain exactly what happened during her week as a prisoner and the true nature of her relationship with DiMaggio. 

For those who doubted her, she explained that the letters she exchanged with DiMaggio were just him attempting to help her "get through" her parents' divorce, and the phone calls had to do with him picking her up from cheerleading practice. She also explained that, although their relationship had been normal at first, things shifted in a bad direction when DiMaggio revealed that he had a "crush" on her.

The verdict

Although there are still those that doubt Anderson is telling the complete truth, in the end, police found that she was not involved in the murder of her brother and mother.
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime