Kids' Choice Awards 2012: Will Smith, Halle Berry, Taylor Lautner get slimed

slimed-bieber-smith.jpgNickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards show is definitely good time for presenters, winners and viewers. Half the fun is typical awards stuff -- performances, seeing your favorite stars on stage, etc. -- but the KCAs stand alone as the only show to dump green slime on A-list celebrities.

On Saturday (March 31), Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner and even Halle Berry couldn't escape the slime (no wonder she arrived wearing a t-shirt). Here's a peek at who got doused with the green stuff. We'll be adding more pics as we get them, so keep checking back!

Taylor Lautner:

slimed-taylor-lautner.jpg Halle Berry:

halle-berry-slimed-kcas-gi.jpg "Glee's" Chris Colfer with Heidi Klum:

Cee-Lo Green gets "ice cream sundaed:"


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Nickelodeon