'Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town': 'Hidden porn,' the town abortionist

kids-in-the-hall-death-comes-to-town.jpgWhen "The Kids in the Hall" came to Summer Press Tour, between Dave Foley kicking chairs, Scott Thompson crumbling potato chip bags while shouting, "The fires are getting closer," and Kevin McDonald regaling us with songs by The Guess Who, we managed to get in a few questions on "Death Comes to Town," the new eight-part mini-series that reunites all five "Kids" members.

"We had an impulse to write new material," says head writer and executive producer Bruce McCulloch. "We'd always talked about doing something and we could never decide what it was. Then I had this idea and it was Death gets off a Greyhound bus and it's a murder mystery."

Each "Kids" member plays 4-6 characters, much like the original sketch series. But unfortunately, not all of them get to be in drag.

"I'm the only one who didn't get a dress this time," says McCullough. "Last time on tour, I had to be three women, so it all balances out."

"But he got to do the fat suit, so ... " adds McDonald.

The mini-series came about while the gang was on tour together back in 2008.

"There were a few hotel rooms where all five of us hashed out ideas," explains McDonald. He says to Dave Foley, "Remember the remote?"

Foley laughs. "That's where we got the idea for Rampop, the retarded kid who was the only one who knew how to use the remote. We were trying to think of ways to establish that the Mayor deserves to be murdered and we decided he yells at his 'special' son when he can't use the remote."

"A joke begat a character," adds McDonald.

The original "Kids in the Hall" went off the air in 1993, but McDonald thinks the new mini-series might appeal to viewers who weren't fans of the original or weren't even around when it was on. Dave Foley has his own interesting take.

"They're f***ing idiots ... even if they weren't born, they're idiots for not being born. Young idiots," Foley deadpans.

"People might enjoy this more because it has a story," says McDonald, swatting at Foley. "They might care about the characters a bit. It might get them into the sketch series. Maybe this is a good beginning point for those young idiots."

"Or maybe there's hidden porn," Foley interjects. We all agree that that should be the headline of the piece.

Without giving away too much, we asked them to pick a favorite scene.

"It's one of the silliest scenes in the show, but one of the darkest scenes too," says Foley. "It involves Marnie the pizza delivery lady and Doc Porterhouse the Town Abortionist. It's a very 'Kids in the Hall'-ish scene."

"Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town" premieres Friday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET on the Independent Film Channel. Watch a sneak peek clip below.

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Photo credit: IFC