Kim Kardashian and her sisters launch makeup line Khroma Beauty

kim-kardashian-rehab-hard-rock-gi.jpgApparently rolling in giant wads of cash isn't enough for the Kardashian sisters. They need more. Of course they do. What else are they going to use as fuel in the fireplace? Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have launched a new makeup line called Khroma Beauty.

Why yes, it is spelled with a K. Shocking. The sisters Kardashian are very excited about the venture, according to Khloe's blog.

"I am beyond excited to finally tell you all that my sisters and I will be launching our very first makeup line called Khroma Beauty!!! Makeup is something that all three of us have always been passionate about so we could not be more thrilled about this new venture in our career.

We've partnered with Boldface Licensing+Branding on this project and we've already gotten started. We'll be releasing a special holiday collection that will include lashes, mascaras and Kardazzle compacts, and then the big launch will happen in early 2013.

Makeup is something that is meant to be fun, and we've definitely been having a lot of fun with this. I can't wait for you all to see what we've been working on! This truly is a dream come true."

Um, what's a Kardazzle? It's terrifying to speculate.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images