Kim Kardashian returns to blonde hair: 'It's baaaaack!!!!'

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Kim Kardashian is getting in the mood for summer with a return to lighter hair. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star made the shift to blonde locks in what has become her once-yearly routine.

"It's baaaaack!!!! #BlondeHairDontCare thanks to @SergeNormant," she posts to Instagram.

Kardashian has always flitted between blonde and brunette hair. In 2009 and then in 2012 and most recently in September 2013, Kardashian has opted for a dye job, and she's been itching for one again over the past few months. 

In February, she asked her fans on Mobio: "I am missing my light hair! HELP!!! What do I do? Go light again or stay dark?" Clearly she made her choice.

Photo/Video credit: Instagram