Kim Kardashian gets $65,000 Cartier bracelets from Kanye West

kim-kardashian-cartier-bracelets-kanye-west.jpg Kanye West has been busy spoiling his baby mama Kim Kardashian, if Kim K.'s Instagram account is any indication. Kim has tweeted the above and below pictures, along with:

  • The Don strikes again!!! #SoLucky!!!!!!
  • Good morning #matteblacknails #allcartierwrist

Hollywood Life reports that the latest addition is the Cartier Panthère Bracelet in yellow gold, embedded with diamonds. It is accompanied by the Cartier Love bracelet with diamonds that costs $9,400 and the bangle that looks like a nail that costs over $34,000. Add in the animal-themed bracelets and it reportedly is about $65,000 worth of Cartier bracelets.

First off, we were unaware Kim calls Kanye "The Don." That's ... weird. And secondly, we gotta say -- $65,000 or not, we aren't in love with the bracelets.

What do you think, Pop2it readers?

Photo/Video credit: Instagram