Kim Kardashian gets 'vampire facial' with her own blood - Watch video of the painful procedure

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kim-kardashian-blood-vampire-facial-twitter.jpgBeauty takes pain. And if you're Kim Kardashian, it can be a bloody mess. It seems Kim got bored with the results of her regular old facials, and decided to try a "vampire facial."

Kim brought along her bestie, publicist Jonathan Cheban, and a "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami" camera crew for the messy and painful procedure.

To start, blood is drawn from Kim's arm -- a lot of blood -- and then put through a machine that separates out the platelets. Next, the blood it's dripped all over Kim's face before being shoved under her skin with tiny motorized needles.

All the while, Kim whines and moans, despite having her face numbed for the procedure. "Oh. my God," says Kim. "I will never get a face lift if it feels like that." And if you'll buy that, she probably has some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you too.

Watch the video below of Kim's bloody procedure, courtesy of Too Fab. Don't try this at home, folks ...

Photo/Video credit: Twitter