Kim Kardashian in jail on 'Drop Dead Diva'

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kim-kardashian-jail-pics-drop-dead-diva-lifetime.jpgIs Kim Kardashian the latest celeb to find herself behind bars? Sort of. Kardashian herself isn't on the wrong side of the law but her character on an upcoming episode of Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" is.

In the Aug. 26 episode, Nikki LePree (Kardashian), the relationship guru with a criminal past, will find herself donning prison orange. During LePree's last appearance on the show, she swindled Stacy Pakery ( April Bowlby) out of all of her money before skipping town. But now LePree is behind bars thanks to too many parking tickets.

"She knew her lines; she came very prepared," series regular Brooke Elliott tells Us Weekly of Kardashian. "She was very kind and low-maintenance."

Nancy Grace
also guests in the episode as herself. 
Photo/Video credit: Lifetime