Kim Kardashian is a mermaid, Kanye West is her 'captain' for Halloween

kim-kardashian-mermaid-kanye-west-halloween-2012.jpgSaturday, Oct. 27 was the night for many a Halloween celebration this year since the actual holiday falls in the middle of the week. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were definitely partying it up.

Kim tweets, "Me & my Captain" as she posts the above picture of them together. We did the red shoes, Kanye.

And the next day, having recovered from "too much Midori," Kim tweets, "Fun times last night @kanywest @joycebonelli @carladibello simonhuck" along with the picture below. And People reports that Kim's blonde mermaid wig is valued at $2000, which -- OK. But we're sure she could've found something at Party City for way cheaper.

What do you think? Do you like Kim K's mermaid costume? What are you going as for Halloween?

Photo/Video credit: Twitter