Kim Kardashian's sheer top, Kendall Jenner's white sweater highlight New York trip

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kim-kardashian-pre-pregnancy-post-pregnancy-transformation.jpgTwo of the five "Keeping Up With the Kardashian" girls are in New York, with Kim Kardashian stepping out in a sheer white top and hip-hugging white skirt that is ... an interesting ensemble (above, left). Seasonal?

It's quite the transformation from pre-pregnancy -- gotta thank Mother Nature for those wonderful baby bosoms. The picture on the right, above, is from almost exactly a year ago. #TransformationTuesday, indeed.

Little sister Kendall Jenner is also showing off her all-grown-up side, with matching white outfit, though her lighter lip color makes it look a little softer, we think. But she's also been undergoing quite the transformation over the years -- from awkward pre-teen to gorgeous model, all on TV.

Which "KUWTK" star do you think looks white-hot stepping out in NYC?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Instagram