Kirsten Gillibrand: Harry Reid declares New York senator 'hottest member'

kirsten-gillibrand-fashion-night-out-saks-2010-gi.jpgWhile speaking at a fundraiser for New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was full of praise for New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. He admires her "skill and tenacity" and thinks she's good and effective at her job. But that's not what he led with.

Instead, Reid decided to go with "many senators are known for many things ... We in the Senate refer to Senator Gillibrand as 'the hottest member.'"

We have no idea if this was an unscripted comment, but can't imagine that would have made the cut if he had jotted down his thoughts before opening his mouth. Either way, it made Gillibrand blush.