Kit Harington's best shirtless moments in 'Pompeii' trailer as GIFs

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"Pompeii's" new trailer looks pretty great, and not just the epic CGI of Vesuvius exploding. No, we're talking about all those borderline gratuitous shots of "Game of Thrones" hottie Kit Harington waltzing around shirtless.

Whether he's fighting in the gladiator arena or shaking hands, Celtic slave Milo has no need for a shirt. And why would he? That six pack is the only calling card he needs. Here's a breakdown of Harington's sexiest scenes in the new "Pompeii" trailer. You're welcome.

This man knows how to make an entrance.

This armor won't be too effective in the long run.

Someone has been working out from his days back in Winterfell.

Oh baby.

Not shirtless, but still; what would Ygritte think?

"Pompeii" is due out in theaters on Feb. 21.

Photo/Video credit: TriStar Pictures