'Kitchen Nightmares' Season 6: Watch sneak peeks of one of the biggest restaurant transformations yet

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kitchen-nightmares-season-6-sneak-peek.jpg Chef Gordon Ramsay is about to tackle the most disgusting restaurant he's encountered yet on the next episode of "Kitchen Nightmares," and Zap2it has your exclusive first look at the disastrous, cringe-inducing, dirty and gross kitchen in need of Ramsay's help.

On Friday (April 18), Ramsay heads to Arvada, CO, to simultaneously shame and help owners Alexa and Randy with their 25-year-old restaurant, the Old Neighborhood. This is a definite can't-miss episode, as Ramsay mounts "one of the biggest transformations in the series history."

Watch two exclusive clips from the episode below:

"Kitchen Nightmares" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.
Photo/Video credit: FOX