Knit Knots of 'Imagination Movers'

Tvfashw301 True style has always been about the individual who can take a standard item such as a navy pleated skirt, pair it with a bowling shirt and look fabulous. Such risks are for those who love standing apart from the crowd.

However, what if the goal is to blend in? And to blend in so much that one is no different from the walls? Such is the case with the blandest man on television, Knit Knots, a bizarre character on the Disney Channel series Imagination Movers.

Broadway vet Douglas Fisher brings Knit Knots to life, but not too much life; that would be out of character. He's phobic about color and zest and lives in an entirely beige world.

"Beige is very boring," costumer Linda Gardar says. "You ask people what their favorite color is, and nobody says beige."

Few people would likely go to this character's all-beige, all-the-time extreme, even if they were on the lam. But for those who have been told they need to tone down their personal style (and if you have ever been called into human resources and someone talked to you about microminis and animal prints), a bit of Knit Knots' sartorial sobriety could be helpful.

"The idea they gave me to begin with is he is cardboard, the color of cardboard boxes," says Gardar, formerly in a punk band and able to eke out the fun in the bland.

"I was lucky enough to find his suits in the department store, but they were quite different from what they look like now," she says. "I made them more cartoony."

She bought four beige suits from JC Penney and found shirts at Dillard's. She made his tie.

Those seeking completely boring anonymity must follow one rule. "They have to dress in a way nobody would notice them; they must be completely bland," Gardar says. "Of course they could not wear that bow tie! You would definitely notice that, but the color of the suit is something that would blend in, and people might not notice at all. It's so bland, especially in summer time."

His look is even more milquetoast compared to the Imagination Movers who wear bright blue jumpsuits, which Gardar buys from Redkap.

And Nina, Knit Knots' niece, wears colorful outfits from Sears and Forever 21.

Yet if one needs to be anonymous -- say the Witness Protection Program is your new savior -- Fisher advises not following Knit Knots' lead in one area.

"He wouldn't be too anonymous for too long because the bow tie would give him away," Fisher says. "Perhaps if he sat in a beige office he would certainly disappear. There is not one ounce of color in the room. There are beige pictures on the wall, beige paper clips, chewing gum -- beige chewing gum!"