Kris Humphries' first post-divorce-announcement tweet: We know. The suspense is killing you.

kris-humphries-lawyer-getty.jpgWe can't lie. When news surfaced of Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries, the first thing we did was check their Twitter pages. We admit it! Kim posted quite quickly, tweeting a link to her blog post about her marriage and the various mistakes she made therein.

Ever since, we've been waiting, waiting, waiting for Humphries to tweet.

Kim unfollowed him, but Kris kept it klassy and didn't respond in kind.

Then, finally, on Nov. 14, Kris broke his Twitter silence.

A tirade about his prenup? A plea for his fans' loyalty? An apology to everyone who still can't get married?

Nope. "There's no place like home," Kris tweeted, with a photo taken in Minnesota, which he calls home -- and, as we know from the "Fairy Tale Wedding" special, which Kim never really took to.

Finally. Our refresh button will be glad for the break.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Kris Humphries via Lockerz