Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner party together for his 64th birthday

kris-jenner-khloe-kardashian-bruce-birthday-party-gi.jpg Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner partied together for his 64th birthday. The recently estranged couple came together for a "family Sunday night dinner," which included two birthday cakes, fake mustaches and silly party hats.

Kris posted a photo to Instagram of herself posing in the party attire alongside daughter Khloe Kardashian, Bruce's son Brandon Jenner, and Brandon's wife, Leah Jenner.

Khloe tweeted a sweet sentiment to her stepdad, along with photos of his two birthday cakes -- one golf themed, and one a sculpted fondant helicopter. Khloe writes, "He deserves not one but two cakes. A few of his favorite things."

Photo/Video credit: Instagram