Kris Jenner furious with Ray J's wedding day text to Kim Kardashian

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ray-j-kim-kardashian.jpgKardashian matriarch Kris Jenner is reportedly "irate" about a text from daughter Kim Kardashian's ex, Ray J, reminding her about the sex video the couple made in 2007.

Although we have no definitive proof that Ray J referenced the sex tape, he did admit to texting Kardashian on her wedding day.

"I wish them the best," said the entertainer in an interview with Chicago's WGCI. "She's doing real good right now, that what it is."

According to Radar Online, the text was relatively innocuous, if ill-timed: "And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)"

In related news, the official website for said video was apparently on fire over the weekend, getting millions of views according to TMZ.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images