Kristen Bell revealed as Ellen DeGeneres' Slothy the Snowman: See the pic

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In case you missed the memo, Kristen Bell loves sloths. Like, she really, really loves sloths. And considering the fact that Ellen DeGeneres is well aware of that love, it should not come as a shock to learn that "The Ellen DeGeneres Show's" Slothy the Snowman mascot was actually Bell in disguise.

"You'll never believe who was playing my mascot, Slothy the Slowman," DeGeneres tweets along with the above picture showing Bell coming out from under the mask. Let's be honest: Bell makes a pretty sexy sloth.

Missed the Slothy the Snowman episode? Watch the mascot in action below, and laugh that much harder knowing that it was actually Bell trying to hustle across the street:

Photo/Video credit: Twitter