Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron get fierce in Interview magazine

charlize-theron-kristen-stewart-1-interview.jpgWith the launch of "Snow White and the Huntsman" nearing, it's time for the film's leading ladies - Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron - to glam it up. And they did just that in the most recent issue of Interview magazine.

The two offer their fiercest looks while sporting slicked-back hairdos and make up emphasizing their angular features. The Mikael Jansson-snapped photos are accompanied by an interview each does with reporter Elvis Mitchell. Here are some of the highlights of those discussions...

Stewart on Snow White and what she tried to bring to the character: "There's so much that Snow White has been deprived of in terms of having the proper time to really develop and hone who she is. She's put in jail at the beginning of her life, so she's a stunted person...I can kind of relate to that. There is something...It's not the reason that I wanted to do the movie, but the fans and people who loved 'Twilight,' they do put you on this sort of different plane where you're not real."

Theron on understanding her character, Queen Ravenna: "At first, I didn't really understand why she was evil or losing her mind, but once I understood that it wasn't just the fact that her mortality relied upon finding Snow White, and that knowing that and not being able to do anything and being stuck in a castle...Well, I think that would be maddening for somebody like her. It reminded me a lot of Jack Nicholson's character in 'The Shining' -- that idea that you're stuck in this place and you can't escape it, that cabin fever."

Stewart on why she joined "Snow White": "The reason I wanted to do the movie was because I just wanted to go, 'I know it hurts, but this is your burden, and I'm behind you.' We also don't have a purely evil queen. It's not like Ravenna completely lacks humanity. It's just that she's not able to be fully human. So what I also loved about it was that we didn't have two polar opposites where good defeated evil because it's better."

Theron on Ravenna's evolution: "She's very intuitive, Ravenna, and I think she feels instantly that there's something about this girl, Snow White, that's different, and she doesn't quite know what it's for until the mirror tells her that Snow White will surpass her if she doesn't deal with it-and then, of course, all hell breaks loose."

Here are some more photos from the issue...


Photo/Video credit: Interview