Kristen Stewart injured in dwarf attack on 'Snow White' set

kristen-stewart-getty-images-5.jpgIn the history of weird excuses to halt a film production, this one has to rank high up on the list. Kristen Stewart says that last month's momentary shutdown on " Snow White and the Huntsman" was due to a dwarf attack.

The actress, who plays Snow White in the upcoming film was shooting a fight scene with a group of lilliputians when she suffered a torn ligament in her arm.

"I got hurt doing a fight scene with dwarves. This ligament pull was really bad. Every day I have bruises all over. It's full-on," she tells The Sun.

Word of the injury first leaked out in Oct. when Stewart's co-star, Max Manganello wrote on Twitter, "It's a wrap for today. Kristen has hurt herself ... nothing scary. We shoot on Friday." Manganello quickly took down the post, but not before word spread.

The film, which also stars Chris Hemsworth and  Charlize Theron, is scheduled for a June 1, 2012 release. 
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images