Kristin Chenoweth explains pixie cut inspiration: Whose haircut did she copy?

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Kristin Chenoweth is one of many to get a pixie haircut, and she's finally explained her inspiration for the new look. It turns out that she didn't simply crave a makeover, but was trying to get in character for a part.

"I did it for a film, for a part, and also I thought for my life it would be a good change," the "Pushing Daisies" alum tells Us Weekly. "We're always trying to make our look different for different parts we play and I've been having that long hair for awhile and I gradually went shorter."

With so many various pixie cut styles to choose from in Hollywood, whose looks did Chenoweth copy? She says she asked for something along the lines of Charlize Theron and Jenna Elfman's hair.

"I looked at Jenna Elfman's hair a lot and Charlize Theron's hair a lot," she explains. "I kind of went in that direction."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images