Lady Gaga as bridesmaid in Bo O'Connor's Cabo wedding - She looks so ... normal

It's a far cry from a meat dress ...  Lady Gaga looks shockingly normal as a bridesmaid in photos form her friend Bo O'Connor's wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The "Born This Way" singer, who has been friends with the bride since high school, looked decidedly more Stefani Germanotta than Lady Gaga in a soft champagne-colored bridesmaid gown, with toned-down makeup and long wavy hair pulled slightly back on one side with a peach flower behind her ear.

In an ultra classy move, Gaga appears to have given up her spotlight for the day to blend in with the rest of the bridal party. The only standouts being her extra pointy long fingernails and an arguably overly-plunging neckline.

She seemed to be standing alright too, as she helped the bride with her wedding gown. It appears Gaga's days of rolling around in a 24-karat wheelchair are officially behind her. Now, when will she get back to the stage?

Photo/Video credit: Instagram