Lady Gaga goes bald for 'Hair' performance

lady-gaga-bald.jpgDidn't think Lady Gaga could shock you anymore? Guess again.

The pop star performed an acoustic version of her new song "Hair" on England's "Paul O'Grady Show," and surprised the audience as she went bald for most of the song. During the performance, an aqua-colored wig sat on the piano, which she put on her head midway through.

So why did Gaga perform bald? In May, she told MSN, "You're even freer without the hair." While it's ironic that she performed a song titled "Hair" while wearing a bald-cap (we're assuming), we don't think that's what the 25-year-old singer was going for. The Huffington Post writes, "Perhaps she's saying something about shedding that skin, that costume, that barrier that she created with all of her vaunted costume -- at least so that people know what she is inside before putting it back on."

Do you think this is Gaga's most shocking look yet, Zappers? Sound off in the comments.

Photo/Video credit: YouTube