Lady Gaga nude photos: Pictures from backstage at the VMAs 2013

lady-gaga-nude-photo-terry-richardson-1.jpg Lady Gaga may not have worn much onstage and in the audience at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. But she wore even less backstage when preparing for the show. Photographer Terry Richardson has posted nude and nearly-naked photos of Gaga that show just how that crazy performance came to be.

Warning: Some of these Lady Gaga photos are NSFW. Some are so NSFW, in fact, that you will have to go to Richardson's blog to see them. Click here for all of the photos.

Here are some that can be shown on this family-friendly page.

There's a photo of Gaga with that giant white square around her head, as seen above. There are images in which Lady Gaga is trying out that funky mid-show makeup as well.

lady-gaga-nude-photo-terry-richardson-2.jpgApparently they had to practice getting it all on just right.

lady-gaga-nude-photo-terry-richardson-3.jpgAt least Lady Gaga had her mother backstage to get her ready for the show.

lady-gaga-nude-photo-terry-richardson-4.jpgIt takes a village to raise a child and it takes a team to get Lady Gaga ready.

lady-gaga-nude-photo-terry-richardson-5.jpgIn all the craziness, Lady Gaga took some time to pose with the photographer while wearing that clamshell bra.


Photo/Video credit: Terry Richardson