Lady Gaga breaks Twitter record with 20 million followers

lady-gaga-twitter-2.jpgIt seems like just yesterday Ashton Kutcher was vying with CNN to reach 10 million Twitter followers first. Now that record seems paltry compared with Lady Gaga's record-breaking number of followers (aka "little monsters"): 20 million.

According to The Guardian, Gaga writes all of her own 140 character messages -- sharing everything from tour dates to her fashion advice. She's also not a constant presence on the social networking platform. As of this writing, Gaga's most recent tweet -- about Bruce Springsteen's Jimmy Fallon performance -- was posted on March 3.

"Listening to HAIR, singing into hairbrush. I think I forgot I'm a pop singer for 5 whole minutes + then remembered I GET TO TOUR THIS SHIZ!" she tweeted on Feb. 22.

Gaga's closest competition -- Justin Bieber -- has 18 million followers. 
Photo/Video credit: Twitter