Lady Gaga: Woody Allen movie would be her dream, she says on 'Ellen'

lady-gaga-ellen-degeneres-sshow.jpg Lady Gaga is stopping by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Friday, Dec. 9, where she talks about her acting dream role and why she doesn't own a home. She will also give a live performance of "Marry the Night," her latest single off "Born This Way."

On her acting dream role:

Ellen: "What would you want? Would you want to do comedy? Would you want to do drama? Do you have any ideas of what you would want to do?"
Lady Gaga: "I don't really know. I mean, I guess my dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie or something. That would sort of be my dream."
Ellen: "Well, let's make that happen.  Maybe he will make you audition."

On why she does not own a home:

Lady Gaga: I'm a gypsy, ya know. I can't plan my life out like that so much. Then I think well, gosh what a waste of money to buy a place and I'm on the road.  Even though it might not seem like a big deal because I'm a pop singer or whatever it's still hurts to write a check.  It's a lot of money."
Ellen: "Well, not if you're going to be there.  You're in a hotel all the time."
Lady Gaga: "We were laughing; everybody was laughing because when I signed my tax returns this year. I had to get completely wasted. They were just holding me up. It's unbelievable."
Ellen: "Yes, it's a lot."

Photo/Video credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.