Laird from 'Carpoolers'

Jerryoconnell3_carpoolers_abc_240 Being a single, carpooling suburban dentist certainly doesn't seem sexy. Or stylish. Or endearing. But somehow Laird, of ABC's new Tuesday comedy Carpoolers, seems to be able to pull it off -- with the charm of a player and a wardrobe that says, "I'm a young professional who asks people to rinse and spit all day long."</p><p>And it's not that Laird, played brilliantly by Jerry O'Connell, is particularly stylish. It's that anyone named Laird who carpools and went to dental college deserves a break. Luckily, his style is easy and is worth replicating by any guy who's challenged by little things like colors and patterns. Simply put, Laird does what most guys should do -- work a casual staple such as jeans into a dressier place with a dress shirt and sport coat. The look crosses easily from workplace to a night out with zero effort.</p><p>With jeans having become the pant of choice for everything but the most professional of applications -- thanks to the recent slew of high-end designer washes -- every guy should have a minimum of four pair. Denim, as every woman now knows, comes in a variety of weights for every season. In fact, some summer weights feel as light as linen with cuts to match. The trick to keeping things stylish is to buy moderately dark. Light jeans scream '80s hair band. Remember those pleated, stonewashed, light blue balloon jeans? That's the exact opposite of what Laird uses to land the ladies.</p><p>Consider <a href=">Lucky Brand Jeans' Bootleg 181 in a dark wash. Bucking the trend, there are no whiskers, no tacking and no grinding on the pockets or hem, making them look like -- gasp! -- new jeans. (I guess being a divorced dentist is distressing enough.) If you do want something that looks a bit more designer, we suggest a pair from Rock & Republic. It's virtually impossible to buy a bad pair.

But Laird's real "look" comes from his constant use of sport coats. While we can't condone leather sport coats -- not because of a cruelty to animals viewpoint, but because they offer a "Shaft"/"Barney Miller" vibe that leaves us queasy -- Laird makes it work with a heather gray V-neck pullover and a striped button-down. Vintage Red currently makes a perfect whipstitched leather blazer that's fully lined and features notched lapels and a two-button front. Brown sport coats also allow for a variety of shirt options: White, black and every earth tone work perfectly, and, like Laird, you can move between dress shirt and dress T-shirt effortlessly without sacrificing style.

We suggest a vintage-look graphic T-shirt from Black Hearts Brigade in a swamp tone over a pair of Rock & Republic Floyds, bottomed off with ECCO's New York Bicycle Toe oxfords. You'll look so good that everyone will want to carpool with you.