Lamar Odom enters rehab for drug and alcohol abuse following DUI arrest

lamar-odom-rehab-gi.jpg Lamar Odom is ready to deal with his recent struggles and has checked himself into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, People reports.

A source close to the NBA star and husband of Khloe Kardashian tells the magazine, "He realized he needs help." Odom's drug use has been the topic of much gossip this summer, resulting in reports that it's caused much strife in his marriage, though Kardashian has remained focused on getting her husband help.

Odom was arrested on Friday (Aug. 30) on suspicion of DUI, which resulted in the suspension of his driver's license for one year. The NBA free agent has admitted to past drug use after violating league drug policies twice in eight months back in 2001.

Struggles with addiction have taken their toll on Odom's family. His father battled with a heroin addiction, prompting Odom to once wonder if he was "fighting my father's demons."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images