'Last Man Standing' Season 2 retools family dynamic and ages up the kid

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tim-allen-boyd-last-man-standing.jpgTelevision producers have been using this trick for decades. They realize that babies can't deliver much of a punch line, are a pain in the butt to work with on set, and have generally terrible comedic timing... so, over the course of a summer hiatus, a child miraculously becomes old enough to memorize lines, make jokes, and use the bathroom without supervision.

"Last Man Standing" is the latest sitcom to employ this. We've already reported that the show has ousted Alexandra Krosney, the actress who plays Kristen, for "creative reasons." For those unfamiliar with the show, Kristen is Mike's ( Tim Allen) daughter who got pregnant her senior year and now lives with her parents and her two-year-old son.

Make that five-year-old.

When the show returns for Season 2, the toddler will be ready for kindergarten. Producers have put out a casting call for an older child to play Boyd, who was previously portrayed by twins Luke and Evan Kruntchev. "Kristen's 5-year old son is a normal, healthy kid. Not especially precocious, not particularly athletic but sweet-spirited, energetic and game for anything fun. While the adults may bicker of how best to parent him, Boyd stays cheerful and oblivious," reads the casting breakdown.

Boyd will now be a bit more verbal, and thus even more capable of complicating the dynamic between his mom and his grandfather.
Photo/Video credit: ABC