'Last Resort': Watch a sneak peek of this week's epic 'Skeleton Crew'

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scott-speedman-skeleton-crew-last-resort.jpgGet ready for "Last Resort" to blow your minds, people.

Tomorrow's (Oct. 25) new episode, "Skeleton Crew," is epic. It's packed with "Homeland"-worthy shockers and such gratifying moments that you might find yourself high-fiving your dogs, cats, children and bewildered neighbors with glee.

In the sneak peek below, exclusive to Zap2it, Sam Kendal's ( Scott Speedman) creepy "friend" Paul (Jay Hernandez) is making another move on his wife, Christine ( Jessy Schram). Spoiler alert: Mrs. Kendal is smarter than you think.

"Last Resort's" mind-blowing "Skeleton Crew" airs Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Watch it!

Photo/Video credit: ABC