'Late Night': Megan Mullally is a filthy rapper, husband Nick Offerman loves nudity

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Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, perhaps the funniest couple in Hollywood, popped their talk show cherry (Offerman's words) on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Monday (June 2), which was their first late night interview that they've done together.

There's a fun flashback photo of the "Parks and Recreation" star when he guest-starred on Mullally's NBC comedy "Will & Grace," plus Mullally announces that she's coming back to Broadway in the fall in Terrence McNally's "It's Only a Play" alongside Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

Below, they talk about the show they're doing together in a couple weeks in Washington, D.C., called "Summer of 69" (no apostrophe, says Mullally, suggestively) and Mullally shows off her rap skills, most of which has to be bleeped out.

Photo/Video credit: NBC