Lauren Alaina releases 'Wildflower,' first studio album - what do you think?

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lauren-alaina-wildflower.jpg "American Idol" runner-up Lauren Alaina drops her first album Tuesday (Oct. 11). It is titled "Wildflower" and she says she thinks the album will have a wide appeal.

"I feel like it has a flavor for everybody. It's a mixture of all different songs, so I hope it will appeal to all different kinds of people," says the 16-year-old singer. "There are fast songs for people who like up-tempos that you can dance to, and there are also tearjerkers for people who like slower ballads. I tried to get songs that are all a little different so that we could bring a fresh feel to each and every song."

"I have always dreamed of making an album and I can't believe it's actually happening," Lauren continues. "It's because of the fans who voted for me on American Idol that I am here, so I am dedicating this album to them. I hope they love it!"

The track list is as follows:

1. "Georgia Peaches"
2. "Growing Her Wings"
3. "Tupelo"
4. "The Middle"
5. "Like My Mother Does"
6. "She's a Wildflower"
7. "I'm Not One of Them"
8. "The Locket"
9. "Eighteen Inches"
10. "One of Those Boys"
11. "Funny Thing About Love"
12. "Dirt Road Prayer"

We think our favorites are "Georgia Peaches" and "She's a Wildflower," which, in what is probably not a coincidence, are the ones that remind us of a Carrie Underwood song. Will you be checking out "Wildflower"?

Photo/Video credit: Mercury Nashville