'Law & Order: LA': Skeet Ulrich first actor tapped

skeet-ulrich.jpg Dick Wolf has found his first leading man for "Law & Order: Los Angeles," the latest installment of his franchise. According to Deadline, "Scream" and "Jericho" star Skeet Ulrich will be joining the series as Detective Rex Winters.

Winters is described as "a handsome, rugged former Marine with the intuition of a natural cop." He joined the force only 6 weeks before the famed Rodney Kin riots, and the event shaped his style of policing and the way he views his job

As for his personal life, Winters' first marriage ended when he had an affair with his former partner, who he's now married to -- it's like every Benson/Stabler dream come true. He's now working with TJ Jaruszalski, a thirty-something detective who has yet to be cast. They'll also be joined by a captain, a prosecutor, and his assistant.

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Photo: CBS