Lee Majors: The Six Million Dollar Man guests on '$#*! My Dad Says'

lee-majors-my-dad-says-320.jpgTwo old pros met on the field of sitcom battle on Thursday night (Feb. 3) when Lee Majors did a guest spot on "$#*! My Dad Says."

Majors -- aka "The Six Million Dollar Man," aka "The Fall Guy" -- has in recent years made a pretty good living winking at his tough-guy image from those shows, so it's fitting that he would guest on "Dad" opposite the king of self-aware hamminess, William Shatner. Majors played Don Reger, a millionaire and rival of Ed's (Shatner) for the affection of Ed's neighbor Rosemary ( Jean Smart).

Silliness ensued, and the two guys ended up duking it out while wearing mascot costumes. As you do in these cases.

The "S#*! My Dad Says" guest spot was Majors' second appearance on TV this season; he also had an uncredited cameo on "Undercovers" in December. Had things broken differently a couple seasons back, however, you would have seen him on TV every week. He starred with Jamie Kennedy in a FOX pilot called "Me and Lee" -- it wasn't picked up to series, but it lives on thanks to the Internet. Take a look at the first 12 minutes of it below.

Photo/Video credit: CBS