Lena Dunham goes glam for Vogue, named 'New Queen of Comedy'

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lena-dunham-vogue-cover.jpgIt's a very, very good time to be Lena Dunham.

HBO announced it had ordered a Season 4 of her creation "Girls" on Thursday (Jan. 9), days before Season 3 even premiered. The Sunday premiere drew record returns. And now she's gracing the cover of Vogue.

The February issue of the storied magazine marks Dunham's first cover, for which Vogue pulled out all the stops. None other than famed photographer Annie Leibovitz was brought in to shoot Dunham for the cover shot, as well as the ensuing interior spread, which also features "Girls" co-star Adam Driver in a few photos.

The photos are all rather stunning, but the hyperbole the magazine uses regarding the multi-hyphenate just may stun a bit more. Branded the "New Queen of Comedy" on the cover, Dunham is referred to in the article, written by Nathan Heller, as having "become to comic television roughly what Bob Dylan was to sixties folk: She's not the first person to wield her form and her subject (middle-class postcollegiate life), but she does it with such unmatched skill, charisma, and vision that she's now the genre's uncontested master, the standard other people strive to reach."

High praise, indeed.

Check out Dunham's spread below and let us know what you think of it.


Photo/Video credit: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue