Leonardo DiCaprio plants 'Inception' solar movie power idea

leonardo-dicaprio.jpg Leonardo DiCaprio  posted a link on his Facebook page to an Ecorazzie item about the solar panels used on his new hit film, "Inception."

So in essence the environmental activist actor has used the film's thesis -- that an idea is the most virulent and powerful tool -- to plant the idea about the future of green movie-making.

"A lot of this movie ["Inception"] was made with solar power," he said in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer. "It's the first movie I got to do with solar power. I had a conversation about it with Alan Horn, who's the head of Warner Bros. The generators that we had on the set were all powered by solar energy. It's going to be a big conversion to do stuff like that every day, not just in making movies but everything in the world."